About Dr.Chi

Ⅰ. Position

▶ Responsible for Environmental Compliance Programs and the design of Desalination, Water purification(D.I. And UPW),
    Waste Waterrecycling & ZDS, air pollution control, and chemical supply /process systems.
▶ Development and commercialization of hydrogen related research in 35 areas(Since 2005)

Ⅱ. Education

▶ Technical High School (Chemical Engineering)
▶ University (Chemical Engineering Department)
▶ Master's degree in graduate school (chemical engineering materials)
▶ Doctor of Graduate School (Environmental Engineering, Water Pollution Control)
▶ Completion of the highest creative economy course

Ⅲ. Career & Professional Registration

▶ Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development.
▶ National Assembly Environment Policy Committee.
▶ Next-generation environmental technology assessor at the Ministry of Environment.
▶ Advisory and Committee on Government Environmental Policy.
▶ The commendation of the Minister of Environment.
▶ Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University(1999~2006).

Ⅳ. ‌Major performance in the environment field

▶Construction, maintenance and operation of the nation's largest sea water DESALINATION PROJECT (Hyundai-Kia Namyang-man Integrated Research Institute)
▶ Highest performance of waste water recycling and zero discharge system construction.
    (LG, HANHWA, DOOSAN, Amkor ,KeumhoTire, Signetics, GunjangEnergy, ASE, Korea Circuit etc.)
▶Localization of ultra pure water(UPW) system.

Ⅴ. Employment History

▶ Feb. 2019 ~ CTO- H₂ TOPS INC. for Hydrogen R&D and Business.
▶ Nov. 2018 ~ Global Society of Hydrogen Life Holding the inaugural meeting
▶ Aug. 2018 ~ CTO- Established H₂ Farm Inc. for hydroponics and aquaponics
▶ 1991 - 2013 CEO-ANAM Engineering Inc., Dongahn Engineering , AjuEnv.
▶ 2003 - Present ISO Auditor (QMS, EMS & OHSMS) and Chemical Engineer
▶ 1977 - 1991 ANAM Semiconductor Co., Ltd.(Manager of Chemical and Environment)
▶1973 - 1977 Hanwha Corporation (Process Engineer)

Ⅵ. Books of publication and intellectual property rights

☞ Diagnosis through Bio-treatment Theory and Microbial Types.
☞ Membrane separation engineering
☞ Membrane separation theory
☞ Continuous electric pure manufacturing technology(EDI)
☞ The hydrogen water age
☞ Hydrogen water business
☞ Hydrogen is the future
☞ Environment-related patents (20 registrations)
☞ Hydrogen-related patents(18 registrations)